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Aqil Ridhuan

This post is for my dear nephew Aqil Ridhuan Mohd Azrul. His a year and 3 months old but looking at his size people often think his only 7 months old. His sooo active and sleep as little as he can. which is why his quite small coz I’ve read somewhare that say baby grow when they sleeping. Anyway all of us feel that eventhough his small right now but his cuteness and complexion (as fair as snow hahaha) make up for it. Dont believe me.. see the picture..

His fav people is his father, grandfather (Wan) and my dear hubby (Pak Long). Why I say this 3 person is his fav person.. Aqil will smile,laugh or run to them when he see them. Even when his crying or just wake up from sleep he’ll smile happily if one of the 3 fav person is there but if its other people.. he will cry till he see familiar faces but still NO smile. To understand how its is.. here some pic..

     the smile for his 3 fav person    the usual face for others

hmm but still when he recognize you (after 3-5 times meeting) then he’ll be very friendly. Oh ya.. he called me ummi and yup I adore him. Just wish I could have a child ASAP and Aqil can have a friend when he comes over.



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