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Genting Highland

I have a superb weekend this week. My Hubby and I went to Genting for a vacation. At first we plan to stay the night but after playing almost all the game (which we agree to play) we decided to head back home.

After 4 years of marriage, this is the first time that we went for a vacation together. Actually its not anybody fault. The day after our wedding my dear hubby have to report for duty and since then.. well both of us is too busy with our work that we couldn’t  find the time to take a vacation for just the two of us.

We played almost all the game but dear hubby refuse to ride on the corkscrew and space shot.. his “gayat”, I have to beg him just to ride cyclone. He wanted to try the sky venture but unfortunately its fully booked. We didn’t know that it have to be booked first. Its ok.. next time we came we’ll try it.

some pic of us there. Hubby try the archery range. his quite good at it. The tobaggon ride was fun for me but dear hubby couldn’t ride on it coz of the maximum weight is 70kg and his 5kg more than it. Anyway he rode on the spinner which I refuse to ride coz it will make me dizzy.

The gondola was nice, as its very romantic as if we are in Venice. The “uncle” that drive the gondola just stand still hehehe as in the pic. Anyway, its really great. We have to try to find some time together again in the near future.

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