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My dearest husband has fall in love again.. thank GOD its not a person but to a phone.. specifically an i-phone.

So last week we when to Law Yatt Plaza to browse for it.. coz I prefer an Omnia rather than i-phone. After touring almost every shop and booth there at level 2 Low Yatt a decision was made. Omnia is too “advance” its like a computer so i-phone it is. Actually I knew from the beginning he’ll buy i-phone saja je nak kacau pilihan dia hehe.

So come the new phone to our house… for 2 days he play with it sleeping late in the morning browsing the net for any application suitable for his new phone.

I found the phone to be too advance for me..  ya la.. I bukannya jenis yang suka gadget stuff ni and checking the net just for email and net banking only. However.. I love the features and the “cleverness” of the phone. Playing games with it is very interesting.

The downfall though is that i-phone is not officially register in Malaysia so there is NO warranty for it. The price is not that cheap either but for a phone like that think its reasonable. Its around RM2k going to RM3k. To Gadget lovers.. you should buy it for yourself.. (Desmond this mean you!!! 😉 )

Next post… My own shopping madness hahaha!!!

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