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Berkhidmat untuk Negara

This week is really a hectic week for me. Time fly sooo fast that sometimes I felt suffocate by all the workload.. I bet lots of us fell like this sometimes right.

Anyway back to by title Service to the Nation.. well this week I and my fellow collegue was task to think of theme,strategy, measures to purpose for the annual budget… We were only given few days to think about it and to submit our suggestion to management.. Hmmm if you think its easy then think again my fellow friends..

To think of measure that has never been implemented is not an easy task. Well most of our suggestion will be thrown down the drain but that doesn’t mean that we can simply give stupid/ no quality kind of suggestion..

Apart from that, there the “KE’s Presentation” that I told you before on the modelling thingy. Suddenly there are also the “crisis” in the world economy and we have to think on what to do so that Malaysia will not be affected too much. Well let face it, if the whole world is collapsing of course Malaysia also will be.. but how to minimize the impact.. hmmm.. in time like this I think I’m not being paid enough.. hahaha..

Well if you ask a consultant to think something like that we have to pay him/her 5-6 figure income.. The best part is, lots of my private sector friends always complaint about government procedure, the birocracy, the late payment a soooo much more.. but When I ask them.. what Government can do to assist.. NONE of them can come up with any suggestion!!!

To friends who has help me with some new ideas.. thanks a bunch.. Remember.. All idea is a good idea.


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