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Selesai sudah..

The dreaded presentation session has ended. Yesterday was my turn and.. well its quite ok. Just that I did not develop my own model just used the model build by westminster U and apply it to our country. Boss comment was not much as I was the last presenter and everybody are eager to go back.

Today the remaining KEs do their presentation and.. boss mood was not so good. So what he do.. He ask those who he felt not to his expectation to do over their presentation and present it in 2 weeks time. Hmm and the worse part was.. he will send a memo for those who present the day before which fall into his not so good presentation to do over also..

The thing is.. we have lots of work to do.. what with the 2nd stimulus package, budget retreat, the hundreds simulation to do about what will happen to our economy… Pls la boss.. let us just do our job effectively.

Just hoe he’ll forget about it.

Lastly – Thanks to all our customer (AmsShoppe). Seems that our shawls, telekung and long skirt a really in high demand. Maybe its because of the lowest price offered.. Thanks and do come again..

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