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Bubarkan Sayap UMNO?

Interesting to read the front news for today “Sayap UMNO perlu dibubar bagi kurangkan politik wang”. First and foremost, I believe UMNO has too many sayap. Why do you need that many sayap? just 2 could help you to fly.. even birds yang diciptakan Allah pun ada dua sayap sahaja.

In my humble opinion, PEMUDA & WANITA wings is enough for UMNO. I don’t know who come up with PUTERI & PUTERA UMNO but its really a stupid idea. Why I say that is because when you have sooo many wings.. then everbody want a share of the power and trying their best to flex their muscle. And to make matter worst.. now people are saying that PUTERA UMNO is for mat rempit while PUTERI UMNO is power crazy and tring to overshadow WANITA. Do we need that kind of bad publicity? All this struggle between UMNO divisons has made UMNO the laughing stock of all Malaysian.. (well except hardcore UMNO members la..)

People on the ground now perceive that UMNO is no longer berjuang untuk rakyat. Those day..(up to half of Tun’s era) we can really say that UMNO berjuang untuk rakyat. After that start the money politics, nepotisme, power crazy and kronisme. The debate in parliment now not really on rakyat agenda but more on self agenda i.e. the mercedes benz issue with custom. Then come the arrogant Terengganu Excos who dare to go against the Sultan. All this incident, potray that UMNO members is just a power crazy lots.. not berjuang untuk orang yang diwakili.

I’m not saying that the Pakatan Rakyat people did not do the same..in fact I feel that PKR people is the mirror image of UMNO members but they are quite clever in hiding it. Sooo thats is why I feel that UMNO should bubarkan their extra 2 wings tu (PUTERA & PUTERI). Cos in their craziness of power hunting and flexing their muscle.. they forget that the rakyat is watching them. Then they wonder why rakyat choose PR

Actually I’m not into politics coz I think that people in politic is a hypocrite and not really trying to serve the rakyat but more on serving themselves specially those who are in UMNO, BN & PKR.. (there I’ve said it!!) but that doesn’t means that I’m a PAS supporter either. I’m just being the observer and a Malaysian that hope one day her MPs will remember that, their role is to serve the Rakyat not to make rakyat suffer while they habiskan duit rakyat.

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