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I’m really beat up this week. Its not as if I’m not use to working late and 7 days a week but this past 2 weeks.. really take it toll for me. This 2 pictures could represent my feeling now…

I tried of trying to please the ministers, I mean.. come on.. we as civil servant has a duty to the nation, we are suppose to administer the country with the help of executive level. Executive arms shouldn’t have the full power over us.. they only serve in limited time (only 5 years.. then IF they get elected again.. and given the same post they work.. if not thats it for them) BUT we as civil servant.. we have to work till we reach 56 years old.. its our duty to the country and thats what we being paid for.. but nowaday.. seems to me that politician run the country and dictated EVERYTHING from the administrative thing to the legislative thing…

I honestly feel that the executive and administrative should not mix in true sense. Malaysia suppose to have 3 arms of power.. The Executive, The Legislative and The Administrative.. however for the last decade.. the Executive and Administrative seems being merge into One.

Administrative decision is not base on the benefits for Rakyat.. but its more for political millage of the executive arms. Thus the turmoil in the political arena now. Even the top gun in the administrative arms is soo PENAKUT. For them what ever pak menteri say, you must do even if its not logical/ probable. Come on.. we are being hired to serve our country and we are being hired because of our own capabilities not because kita pandai kipas pak menteri. As long as this kind of mentality is still in the top gun’s mind then.. our problem will never be solve. Executive will always influence our decision.

And the worst part is..
whenever something went wrong.. the blame falls on the hand of the civil service not the bloody politician!!

opss jadi luahan perasaan pulak.. anyway just felt that I should get it out of my chest. I really can’t stand it sampaikan.. I’m looking forward for BTN.. I never look forward to that stupid BTN courses before.. (alamak.. marah plak la org2 BTN kalu terbaca ni..)


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