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Geng Pengembaraan

Have you seen the movie? Well for those who are into animation this movie can really made Malaysia proud. Kudos to the Les’ Copaque team. with only RM 4 million budget you guys have produce a great movie. I would recommend this movie to parents (bring ur child along.. don’t worry they’ll be glued to the chair watching the movie)

As I really love animation movie.. and also I’ve been downloading upin ipin episode from U tube long before the movie come out I take the chance to see this movie at Alamanda. Apparently its a hits there coz I’ve been trying to book a ticket for 4 days but to no avail.  On the fourt attempt I’ve succeded to secure 3 tickets (3 days in advance).

After seing the movie.. I’m happy its not a disappointment.  The movie was great.. and enjoyable. From 5 star I would give it 4, why only 4 because for adult some of the storyline just too imaginative. But for children under 12.. I would give this movie sull star.

Anyway.. what I meant by too imaginative was.. like the scene with snake n leech. why is that thing there? I don’t have any objection on Ompet though coz.. being an animation its jive with the story. Just the snake and leech puzzle me.. however I understand why it being put in the movie.. children loves it.

I like this movie as much as I like Monster Inc. Its hilarious and the picture/3D quality was superb. So guys.. what are you waiting for.. go and see it.. If you could go and see Madagascar 2 – Escape to Africa.. then this movie is WAY BETTER than that movie. like Ipin said in the adverdtisment – Tengok! Tengok! Tengok!.


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