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FB Quiz

Hmm hari ni buat kegilaan baru.. menjawab quizes dalam FB yang di beri oleh rakan rakan.. dan hasilnya..

FRIENDS characters -Pheobe

“you are the most uncommon friend your friends have. your friends are your family and you are always ready to do anything for them. you would try everything to keep your friends happy and not get hurt. your wierdness attracts many people to you”

Actually in all friends chaacters.. I like her the best. She’s always happy, care a lot about her friends and really helpful. And she sooo funny in her “unaware” attitude.

What is ur real age – 28 years

hmm this  test determines the actual age of your body based on social, environmental, and lifestyle factors. So.. I’m 28.. ok la tu.. younger then my actual age. As long as I’m not older then my actual age sudah..

What Disney Princess are You – Belle

“You are Belle, Stunning and Gorgous. No wonder all of the boys are falling for you at school. Sacraficing yourself to help others along their journey. Tonight drink tea from your teacup and blow out your candle as they will grant you good luck..”

This is another characters that I really love. Among all Disney princess I like her best. And I’m happy that my result is Belle. Why I like her so much.. She’s a book worm just like me hahaha.. futher more she is brave to stand up for what she believe in and she also love her family very much (the last traits is for all disney characters i think..)

Which DragonBall Z character are you? – Gohan

“You are idealistic, good, and pure like your father. You’re most noted for your ability to become radically stronger when presented with tragedy. Your emotions are your strength and weakness as it has been known to paralyze you with fear. Your “hidden power” has saved the heroes on many occasion.”

huh? how come..  I never like him.. I like Goten better.. but actually I was hoping that I got Chi Chi.. their mother but maybe Chi Chi characters was not on the list..


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