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At least its RM500

Well.. I have to write about this… Today in the budget speech, civil servant ( gred 41 – 54 ) and pensioner were given RNM500 as duit raya a.k.a. bonus. I’m soo grateful for it coz well face it.. with this kind of economy .. every cents is counted.

But..hmm I’m disappointed with the reaction given by some of my fellow civil servant.. they actually felt that RM500 is not THAT BIG… helloooooooo what an ungrateful people..

Think back.. RM500 is better than nothing right! I agree that compared to our salary yes.. some would consider it chicken feed.. but come on guys.. RM500 is a lot. Think if RM500 were to be given to poor kampung people.. it could provide them with decent food and cloth for the whole family…

So civil servant of Malaysia.. be grateful coz Government still appreciate your contribution to our beloved nation.

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