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Review: Princess and the frog

As a fan of all disney movies and children movie Its a must for me to see this movie.. so on one fine day I did.

The things is.. movie kali ni tak dapat menarik hatiku.. kenapa cerita dia macam tu.. its more for adult rather than for children.. with all the vodoo thingy then kisah nyer tak menarik..
Bukan prejudis kerana puteri tu colored coz.. citer Mulan aku suke pe.. cuma cerita kali ni .. tak sesuai lah untuk kanak kanak in my opinion lah..

The twist bila Tiana jadi frog juga.. then masa kawin parents prince tu datang juga.. so tak kan lah depa tak tolong skit pun anak depa sedangkan budak tu dah berubah…

Anyway for me this movie is a disappointment. Only see this if you are die hard fan of disney fairytales and only if your children insist on going. But the song.. agak menariklah.. princess dress tak berapa cantik macam all the other disney princess.

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