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Review: Avatar

Seriously.. I like the movie.. its really a surprise for me coz when I saw the preview before.. I don’t feel that its worth seeing..

Actually at first I thought the movie was a real life movie of the cartoon series Avatar: the last air bender which I Loveee

Avatar Aang

so when I get to see the preview.. it was a disappointment for me coz its totally different.. thats why at first I don’t feel like watching the movie but dear hubby wanted to go soo just tag along..

But OMG the movie is great.. well forget the stupid way human act just because of greed and super ego..  the graphic, the message is sooo great. I just love Pandora.. its totally beautiful.. similar to Earth but breathtaking.. Kudos to the graphic designer..

As my hubby point out.. for those who are afraid of high.. then this movie will make you squirm.. haha.. seriously guys.. the scene really will make you squirm ( “gayat” kot omputih ape ha.. 😉 )

Storyline.. hmm what I can say is.. the human race is USA in our world.. and Pandora’s native is all the nation bullied by US. Yup that’s the whole story.. you could see how the greed of one executive drive a native people from there land.. how a war/power crazy kolonel destroy a scared place, how super ego human being fell that their way of life is better then others.. well in two words typical America. It even have a scene where the kolonel said to destroy terrorism.. when in all honesty they are the one who terrorise the planet..

Anyway.. in my own view.. this movie is worth going to the cinema too .. well its better then you went and see storm warriors..

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  1. December 31, 2009 at 4:03 pm

    waah.. bestnya dapat tgk avatar. Kitorang punya beratur dah 2 kali dah. Penuh semua, damn..Sampai next week.

    Ni mmg movie week eh? penuh schedule dgn movie ni..

  2. cik ct
    December 31, 2009 at 4:42 pm

    chaq…avatar kita tgk preview tu….mmg ada lee citer ang tu…..yg ni avatar lain…avatar ang tu taun depan (ato lebey tepat lagi esok :P) kuar nye….tgh bulan jan tak silap..

    along…sian nye…tak dpt tgk lagi eh citer tu…sib bek kitaorg dpt tgk dah..hehehehehee…tgk le…syok citer nye

  3. ans78
    December 31, 2009 at 6:37 pm

    Ul : online payment my dear.. sure boleh dapat hehe.. tapi tak sure la cinema kat KBJ tu boleh buy online or not.. (apa tah nama nye.. lupa plak..). Kami pun beli online je kalau harap beratur.. hmmm memang la payah.. kecuali beratur har ni untuk beli tiket esok or lusanya..

    Imah : wowey.. next year ye citer aang.. boleh la pi tgk.. hopefully taklah disappointing

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